Lauren Meccia, Donald Vega & Mike Frost
Lauren Meccia, Donald Vega & Mike Frost


Lauren Meccia, Mike Frost, Donald Vega, Brian Czach


Lauren Meccia with Mike Frost Jazz
Joni Mitchell


Lauren's cover of Joni Mitchell's River was released in 2012 on the album Frosty Christmas by Mike Frost Jazz. 

Musicians:  Lauren Meccia, vocals; Mike Frost, six-string bass; David Brown, keyboards; Mike West, drums.   

Recorded at Spirit Studio South, 2012
Audio Engineer: Mike Frost





Lauren Meccia, Mike Frost, Matt Venuti
Lauren Meccia, soprano sax; Mike Frost, basses; Matt Venuti, Hang


The Hang is a steel percussion instrument that contributes to this organic and free composition.  This music is spiritual and uplifting, and is used in music therapy, meditation, and yoga. 

Recorded in 2012 at Spirit Studio South






Lauren Meccia, Mike Frost
George Gershwin, DuBose Heyward
Lauren Meccia with Mike Frost Jazz
Cyndi Lauper
Mike Frost Jazz
Herbie Hancock, arr. Mike Frost


Watermelon Man from the album Riddle Me This? (2011) by Mike Frost Jazz. 

Lauren Meccia, tenor saxophone
Mike Frost, six-string bass
David Brown, keyboards
Brendan Bull, drums